CommTrack - Commission Tracking

Version 4.41

If you've purchased Commtrack 4.41 after 6/30/2011 or upgraded and the invoice date is not appearing correcly on your commission statement please call 1-800-765-8030 and press 3 for support we have a patch for that.

Other Issues:

1. If you get an error message that has nz(function) in it you probally have an unregister copy of access on your system.

2. When I view invoices the field labled "percent paid" is not 100% on all my invoices? Click on Setup Options and then Commission options. About 3/4 down he page find "Invoices to select for payment". If its set to "Fully Paid and patially paid" thats correct. If its set to either "Fully Paid" or "All Invoices" make sure "Pay Commission on Full Amount is checked" (directly above "invoices to select for payment).

3. When I click on the close button when I am viewing invoices a screen pops up and displays a box. On the top of the box the Message reads "Macro Single Step". Below that is the words "TransferMas90Query. When I close the box I get a message about a decimal error? View invoices again and look on the upper right hand corner "Split Commissions" under that is split %.

View invoices again and look on the upper right corner for the rep and Split %. One of the % is greater than 100. Click on the bottom arrow until you find it and change the % to 100. And please call us and report the error.

Next make sure the UAC - Universal Access Control is off especially with XP. Next go to QuickBooks File, preferences and integrated applications. Delete Commtrack and try again. Check to see if there is more than one copy of the QBFC installed, especially if you're installing 11 and 10 is there. If all these fail call us at 1-800-765-8030.


Don't wait to buy this product.
Jeff Tauber, Royal Heritage Homes.

Complete reports easy to learn and a time saver.
RJ Mechsner, Accountant

Not only is the product well-priced, but it is extremely well designed.
Jim Black, Property Manager

We pay on a variable basis with payments made upon payment of the invoice. CommTrack saves 3 hours per month.
Sue Lyons, BBP

What used to take hours now takes minutes.
IEH Electronic - Lake Forrest, Ca.

We have been using CommTrack for several months now and love it the reports functions!
Dean Renolds,  Manager